Saturday, June 5, 2010

April, May, June Times

It seems as if i have fallen off the blog train but now in the fourth watch of the night that i have finally caught up with the caboose hanging on by one hand. Jeffrey Leiser my wunderkind brother has almost completed scoring "Glitch in the Grid" and the final ADR, mixing and sound design. During this time i've have moved on to other projects such as my holographic paintings, curatorial projects (Anthology Film Archives is giving my film work a retrospective July 21st and i'm curating a contemporary experimental animation program earlier that evening), prep for upcoming art shows in Shanghai and Copenhagen, began writing the next feature and well... continuing to work on "Glitch". You see once you feel a film is done there is time to distance yourself from the project allowing ample time for pondering, satisfaction, insecurity and reflection. Since i consider this a major art work that has taken the last year and a half of my life i want it to be as strong as it can be even though i honestly have a ways to go with mastering feature film making however experimental. This has slowed the completion a little since i'm adding in the new sections and re rendering the film so that Jeffrey can score the final cut. Hopefully this will be done in the next week so that Jeffrey can finish and we can send it off to the London and New York film festivals before the deadlines. I'm not holding my breath as major festivals do not usually accept last minute entries but festivals such as Sundance who have a September deadline will give the film it's optimal shot at getting in unless MoMA who has recently asked me for an advanced screener of the film premieres it. It's all in God's hands and since it is a film that is all about Him i know it's going to work out perfectly. I've been feeling God's love really abundantly lately even though as always i do not deserve it in anyway but in turn i hope it reflects toward others who do not feel loved at all or enough. It is impossible for me to label, dismiss or explain away this Love as what many people see as "religion". My mind is now set on "Living for Heaven" my next feature. As this earth dies and falls away i really want to focus on the fact that we are all infinite spiritual creative beings made in His image for eternity. Human existence on earth is a fading the flower though our short life affects all eternity. What we do with the life and gifts given to us is crucial and we must honestly ask ourselves what we are living for and why. Telling this story through an albino woman and her dog living in nyc on the verge of the apocalypse is really interesting me. This weird, spiritual surrealism is becoming a theme in my film work and i welcome it. I'm grateful for the energy i have to move on so quickly after "Glitch". Life is so brief so i want to act in kind because time itself is running out for us all on this terrestrial plane. We must live for Heaven on earth now!
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