Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Glitch in the Grid" trailer on Apple Trailers!!!

Wow the Apple Trailers release came a little sooner than we thought but it is important to build buzz for the October screenings and DVD release in February! I'm so thankful the trailer turned out well and that we are reaching a wider audience on this large platform. I hope people are excited to see "Glitch in the Grid" theatrically and if we cannot make it to their city on DVD or Netflix or preferably in a Museum, film festival or gallery. Film should be seen on the big screen if possible! All the years of work do pay off when you see it projected larger than life in front of an excited intelligent and spiritually sensitive audience. Praise God for this film and i encourage those interested to read the blog and discover exactly how God led us through the difficult process!! Excited for the new feature films brewing in my heart and soul!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Update on the Festival Run- GG Gold Cut

We are very happy to announce that Glitch in the Grid premiered at the Annecy International Film Festival in June in Annecy, France. What a joy to show at one of the most prestigious international animation festivals in the world! All that hard work was seen on a HDCAM PAL Master which i heard looked great. I was contacted by some people at the screening who loved the film which was such a joy to hear! I wish i would have been able to attend but due to the short notice and peak season it was too expensive. Jeffrey did attend the Park City Film festival and came back with a gold medal for best use of music in a feature film!! We also secured international DVD/VOD/NetFlix etc distribution that should be out in January 2012. Feature films take so incredibly long to make, it is worth it but what large stretches of time! Praise God for the whole process! I must note though that we have halted sending off the film to anymore fests for a little while longer. After many test screenings and a distancing from the film we have decided it needed one last final gold cut before we call it absolutely finished. The structuring of the film and some of the character development was always off to the various audiences we have had. There will also be a little more animation now as well! We have a clear vision now of what to do so that once we start the festivals again along with the new theatrical screenings we will have solid confidence in the film's strength as a whole. Anyways i will write once it starts screening again and the DVD premieres...Lord willing!