Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Revisiting the Forgotten Blog July-December

Well there are plenty of excuses for why i have not blogged in some time but instead i must apologize to what ever readers i have left hanging. I suppose i was working so hard and struggling so greatly with the film that i could not bring myself to take the time to write about it. In July we thought we had finished the film and had a secret unofficial screening at Anthology Film Archives. What i saw before me was a very powerful but rough film not quite sure of all the elements it contained. There were certain pacing problems, editing and it was aesthetically uneven overall. The audience though seemed to really enjoy it and gave the film a strong ovation. The film was called soulful, deeply felt, spiritual and beautiful. People wanted to enquire about the main character and how much was fiction or non fiction, how i did the animation, questions about England and what festivals we were going to enter. Other's had some strong opinions that the film needed some major work. I wanted to make changes and took a month off from over 1 year and 6 months of constant work. So coming back to the film after over a month this time made me see that this was not entirely the film i envisioned. The film lacked flow in some areas and of course i wanted to add new scenes and additional landscape animation. The scenes that took place in NYC where shot before i had lived there so i added additional animation to that sequence as well. What i have now is a much stronger film in terms of structure, plot, visual language, coherency and fluidity which reinforce the initial power of the overall message. It is important to let the wine age while giving glory all along to the One who turned water into wine. I am happy and relieved to announce that "Glitch in the Grid" is complete and will Lord willing be playing in Film Festivals Internationally, Museums and Art Galleries with the DVD coming out mid to late 2011. Also another compilation of my new short films should be coming out around the same time. Joy!!!

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