Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Extensions

The teaser is out now and i'm thankful for the buzz that is building from the positive press/publics response to the teaser. It's rewarding since the film began from a very humbled and broken place and is now being promoted alongside much larger scale productions, etc. Humility is something we should all strive for since it is contrary to our nature especially when we gain even the slightest acceptance from the world. i have to keep telling myself that otherwise i cannot move forward and could lose the vision given to me. Read Ecclesiastes. The question though is what can fiscal means really contribute to an honest pursuit of inner art? If the spiritual and artistic work is done honestly through grace and one asks for the strength to do it he or she will receive it in accordance with His perfect will. I think spiritual surrealism can come out of that. 'Glitch in the Grid' continues to walk this path as the film enters the advanced stages of post production. I continue to trust my perspective of the film from when i was living in England which is difficult to maintain in NYC even though it is one of the most European US cities i've experienced like San Francisco and New Orleans. I've been trying to stay in touch with a world view by watching the BBC and NHK TV online and not fall into an isolationist outlook.

The only work i will continue to animate while Jeffrey scores the film and the sound work is done is the land animation. Some ideas have come to me that are special, ideas that will really push me beyond my ability. Look out NASA... I am scouting parks in New York and plan a day in the Sequoia's when i visit CA in April for my brothers wedding in the short term. That is one thing i'm really missing nowadays, being surrounded by nature. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1

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