Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catching Up-December-February blessings

Where to start? One of the reasons for my absence is due to the non stop work i have done on "Glitch in the Grid". The film has gone from many strong yet desperate sections into a rough cohesive whole in a matter of months. Immediately after i finished my MIT media lab proposal i embarked on animating the final sections of the film and editing. The big freeze hit the whole of the UK, the coldest winter in three decades with an unprecedented snowfall. Thankfully as far as the film is concerned this fell in line with the snow storm animation i had been storyboarding. Translating the landscape animation technique into snowy valleys reaped huge rewards with uncanny results but not without pain and anguish. i did fear for my health several times where various parts of my body went numb and for my camera which would freeze up electronically! i did most of this animation in Westfield near Hastings, UK at the Sanctuary for the Risen Christ which is both a place to worship God and a working farm filled with animals. Jennifer Benskins who lives, runs and founded the Sanctuary was a tremendous blessing to me as i hope i was the same to her, we struck up a meaningful friendship and prayed often. Collins a man from Ghana who was also staying at the Sanctuary was a great friend as well, we kept different hours but had many great conversations. I also befriended all of the animals both on the farm and off but a my closest animal friend of all was Abraham the 3 year old donkey who has a sweet heart and a sensitive but funny personality that warmed my heart. Abram would be my companion as i animated away in the peaceful and sublime English countryside. During the months of December and January i really came into the heart of the film and into a verydeeppart of my own heart, mind and soul. i felt like i did when i created my mid length film "Psalms" which i believe to date is my strongest work but even deeper with more wisdom. The imagery i created at the sanctuary allowed me to progress in that high form of visual language and experience the transformational redeeming power of creating art that only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ brings. Each new obstacle that daunted me when overcome would allow my spirit to ascend and grow stronger. Being among strong Christians once again allowed me to be bold in my walk and art to glorify Christ without hesitation. i feel very open and free to proclaim that i love Christ with all my heart and want everyone to know His love, His peace, His grace, His forgiveness and His salvation. As Haiti experienced and continues to deal with the horrible earthquake and our world continues to be in a fallen state i realize just how vital it is that i proclaim Christ in my art and life. My time in England will always serve as a vital guide post for me in times to come and yes i will return as the legend goes.

So now a teaser is completed and it will Lord willing be released through various publication's websites soon, my new 2010 reel is complete and the film is almost complete. I am having Jeffrey score the teaser and i am starting on the poster. A new website is planned to commence.

I now live in New York City on 2nd st in the lower east side with my wonderful, loving and intelligent wife Jenny Leiser and close to my incredible loving brother Jeffrey Leiser who will be married soon as well to his talented and sweet wife Lindy Fox. Praise God!

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