Friday, February 10, 2012

Glitch in the Grid out on DVD Feb 21st 2012 and Festival Run!

Excited to catch everyone up on our latest animated/live action feature film "Glitch in the Grid"! The film continues to tour festivals internationally this year along with it's theatrical run and has garnered many awards so far including "Best Feature Film" and "Best Score for Feature Film". We have been reviewed by Film Journal International, The Huffington Post, Variety, The New York Times, The San Francisco Examiner etc. The DVD comes out February 21st 2012 through Vanguard Cinema. I just received advance copies of the DVD's and they look great! I hope the film will reach new places in the world that festivals and screenings could not. The film will also be available on VOD and through Amazon, Netflix and i believe Apple i Tunes along with many other other outlets. Apple i Tunes is hopefully going to put up our featurette on the making of the film close to the release on their main page. We see the blessing from God on the film and are so very thankful. Going forward we pray that we will be good stewards of this gift of a film. We hope it can have a lasting impact in this world and continually glorify God by revealing the Holy Spirit's intimate involvement in all of our lives. Currently we are busy making progress on various stages of our 3 feature film projects. So please help support Albino Fawn Productions and pick up the film on DVD February 21st. Tons of special features and short films are included!! Please email me if you would be interested in a signed copy along with art from the film for a special limited time offer rate. subject "GG special". We should have this offer on our website soon!

Praise God!!!!!

May you grow closer to the creator this New Year 2012!!!

Eric Leiser

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