Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Glitch in the Grid" trailer on Apple Trailers!!!

Wow the Apple Trailers release came a little sooner than we thought but it is important to build buzz for the October screenings and DVD release in February! I'm so thankful the trailer turned out well and that we are reaching a wider audience on this large platform. I hope people are excited to see "Glitch in the Grid" theatrically and if we cannot make it to their city on DVD or Netflix or preferably in a Museum, film festival or gallery. Film should be seen on the big screen if possible! All the years of work do pay off when you see it projected larger than life in front of an excited intelligent and spiritually sensitive audience. Praise God for this film and i encourage those interested to read the blog and discover exactly how God led us through the difficult process!! Excited for the new feature films brewing in my heart and soul!!!

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