Monday, November 2, 2009

October's End

Well now that it is Dia de los Muertos i felt it's time to recap October's rich soil.
Animation is continuing strong although due to the nature of the outdoor animation technique it can only transpire from noon to 4pm so that the warm orange light stays consistent within the sequences among other factors. Animating outdoors is both sublime and tedious with factors of wind, earth, light, moisture, and animals all adding and often hindering the work. Still even though it is moving at a snails pace i am very happy with the results. More elaborate outdoor setups and camera moves are creating new techniques which push me further into the unknown. I have been animating the dove (Holy Spirit) puppet lately and have completed 1 of 7 sequences. i have been watching the dailies on HD 1920X1080 quicktimes and putting together whole sequences in final cut pro. I look forward to the day that i can put out my work at 4k resolution not 2k. The landscape animation ideas keeps challenging me with how far i can take it without losing all sense of sanity. I really ramble on this blog, anyway back to work where i belong! Praise God for all his blessings!

Jay and Jeff made the trip over to Hastings, UK for my wedding (yes i got married!) and the final section of the live action which went smoothly. I hope i can safely say live action is now wrapped and a rough rough cut of the film is firmly in place. Another memorable month heading toward toward the finish line.

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