Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome to the Glitch in the Grid Blog!

I thought it would be wise to start a blog charting the progress of my next feature film "Glitch in the Grid". Some of you may be familiar with my last feature film "Imagination" which has/is playing in festivals worldwide, had a 8 city theatrical run, has critical acclaim from over 80 critics, came out on DVD internationally through Vanguard Cinema on February of 2008 and is in the Modern Museum of Art, the BFI, the V&A Museum, etc. is my website with supporting info.

To catch you up we began principle live action photography in February 2009 after our feature film "Finding Infinity" had it's funding delayed since Iceland went bankrupt. More on that film later.

Anyway, the live action for GG shoot was a duration of 7 weeks between Northern California and Los Angeles, New York City and England. Even though there are extensive pick up shots and reshoots on the way. The shoot went relatively smooth and we all bonded over the film. I am currently animating for the film which may take until December while the live action footage is almost at a rough cut. The film was shot on the Sony EX3 HD camera for the live action and the Canon 5D with L Series Lenses for the Animation. The film when finished will be shot in Sebastopol, CA, Bodega Bay, CA, Santa Rosa, Ca, Los Angeles Ca, Grand Canyon, AZ, NYC, NY, London, UK, Hastings, UK and Rome, Italy. The film is slated to be released in mid 2010.

here is a small synopsis:

"Glitch In The Grid" [2010] is a story about young artists dealing with life, love, work and weariness during the new American recession.

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  1. Glitch in The Grid is highly enjoyable in its poetic visuals and utterly truthful story line. Brutally funny at times, two artists who seemed a bit more secured in their own artistic identity venture out to aid a relative who sinks in a pool of art and reality. Only to be followed by more frustration, these three artists continue to pursue their core-desire in different physical settings.
    The fantastic animations and dialogues between the artists juxtapose the growing seed of art and the barren ground.
    I love the flow of Glitch in the Grid from the beginning to the end. My only thing was the telephone scene of a pregnant mother. It's soup-operaish and the acting was rigid. It took me away briefly. Other than that I would watch it again. -rachel